Compare 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ vs Sportster® S

Compare 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ vs Sportster® S

The Nightster™ and the Sportster® S both offer some incredible features in a sports bike. You'll love the sleek lines and agility that these bikes provide. The Nightster™ offers a slightly smaller format, which makes it lighter and more nimble. It's not quite as long as the Sportster® S at 86.9 inches in length compared with the Sportster®'s 89.4 inches. The seat height on the Nightster™ is also lower to the ground by almost two inches. This gives you a ride that makes you feel more connected to the road. Learn about the Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ vs Sportster® S when you get in touch with our Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson® dealership.

Rider Profile

Regarding the rider profile, you'll get a forward riding position and mid-mount foot controls when you go with the Nightster™. This bike also comes with a low riding position, and you'll get a screen to protect yourself from debris on the road. The Sportster® S also has a stretched riding position and forward foot controls. You'll also get a low riding position with the Sportster® S, but it's a bit higher than the Nightster™. The Sportster® offers an aggressive riding style while the Nightster™ offers a quick and nimble experience. Find out how the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ differs from the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S.

Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to comfort and convenience, you'll get some great features with the Nightster™. It comes with plenty of options to personalize your ride. You'll be able to amplify your bike with accessories from the Adversary Collection. You'll enjoy options from the Reach collection, including handlebars, seats, and forward controls. The Nightster™ is a blacked-out bike that gives you a stripped-down bike that you can customize. The Sportster® S has additional technologies, including a 4-inch round thin-film transistor LCD. You'll also have the option to use turn-by-turn navigation and other features designed to accelerate your ride. Talk with us about your needs, and we can help you secure the options that work for your situation. Get to know the Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ vs Sportster® S comfort and convenience features when you contact us for a test ride. Get to know the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ and the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S.

Chassis and Mechanical

The Nightster™ offers low dimensions designed to help you get an excellent ride. You'll get a fast and sleek bike. The Nightster™ offers a ground clearance of 4.5 inches, and you'll get a 5.4-inch trail. Despite being lower to the ground, the extra clearance offers an advantage over the 3.5 inches of ground clearance on the Sportster®. The trail on the Sportster® is a bit longer at 5.8 inches. When it comes to overall weight, the two bikes are somewhat similar. The Nightster™ offers more efficiency and weighs 20 pounds less than the Sportster® S. Explore the Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ vs Sportster® S mechanical features and options.


The engine on both bikes is powerful, and we think you'll love how well it works to keep you riding along. The Nightster™ comes with the Revolution Max 975T engine that provides a 3.82-inch bore and 2.6-inch stroke. This engine also provides suitable horsepower with 70 pound-feet of torque and a lean angle of 32 degrees. The Sportster® S comes with a Revolution Max 1250T engine with a 4.134-inch bore and 94 pound-feet of torque. While this does offer more power, the Nightster™ feels more controlled for many riders. The Nightster™ offers a good option for beginning through advanced riders, and it can give you a whole new riding experience. Talk with us about the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ and the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S at our dealership.


The Nightster™ offers a collection of safety features that can help you stay better protected on the road. Safety features help to provide you with additional confidence, and you'll love the unexpected situations you encounter on the road. The bike also comes with traction controls that can help you with improved acceleration, deceleration, and braking features. You'll enjoy the latest in chassis control and an electronic brake control system that can help you get a better ride. The Sportster® also comes with its own safety features, and we think you'll enjoy the options when you take a test ride. Get in touch with our Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson® dealership.

Find out about your options for securing a Nightster™ or Sportster® S. These bikes are designed to provide exceptional capabilities, and we want to help you get the right options for your needs. We can work out your financing to ensure you take home the bike that works best for your situation.

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