2023 Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring Category Models

2023 Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring Category Models

Harley-Davidson® is renowned for producing impressive motorcycles designed to masterfully conquer long distances. Adventure Touring motorcycles are ideal for long-distance off-road fun and come with an array of features that make touring less detouring! Or, Grand American Touring motorcycles can be perfect for those who want to cross cities, discover new places, and travel from state to state with ease. So what differentiates these motorcycles and how can you choose the best bike for your needs? In this guide to understanding Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring category models, we’ll walk you through it all.

Stunning 2023 Grand American Touring and Adventure Touring Bikes

When you search for Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring models, you will find two distinctive categories from the maker. Each of these categories of touring motorcycles offers models specifically tailored to meet the needs of specific types of riders. The first category is the Adventure Touring category. The second category is the Grand American Touring category. Both categories have some amazing motorcycles with distinct touring differences that set them apart! Adventure Touring motorcycles are perfect for off-road exploration while Grand American Touring motorcycles allow you to explore from state to state and cross long stretches of highway with ease.

2023 Street Glide® Models

2023 Street Glide® motorcycles from Harley-Davidson® are iconic and stylish with batwing fairings that are fork-mounted for smooth control on the interstate or in the city. Enjoy an array of powertrain options with Milwaukee-Eight® engines. These motorcycles come in various color combinations and are perfect for touring on the open road. Saddlebags, floorboards, passenger seats, and updated infotainment features come standard on all 2023 Grand American Touring Street Glide® models.

2023 Road Glide® Models

Road Glide®s have many highway touring amenities like infotainment features, floorboards, passenger seats, and saddlebags. Road Glide® motorcycles differ from Street Glide® models in that they have distinctive frame-mounted sharknose fairings designed to cut through the wind. These motorcycles also have dual Daymaker LED headlights, available safety enhancements, upright positions, and numerous Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin engine options including a 107 V-Twin (standard), a 114 V-Twin, and a 121 V-Twin (CVO™).

2023 Pan America™ 1250

The 2023 Pan America™ 1250 lets you easily choose your own adventure with selectable ride modes and a potent engine. It is a highly engineered multi-tool that was built to endure as you explore new places and seek adventure on dirt roads or across rougher terrain types. Versatile, comfortable, and ideal for off-road exploration, the Pan America™ 1250 is a great motorcycle for people who want to break into the off-road category in true Harley-Davidson® style. It has an upright position, passenger seat, frame-mounted fairing, tall off-road stance, and mid-mount foot controls. This motorcycle has been equipped with a 5.6-gallon fuel tank to take you farther across longer distances and a Revolution® Max Engine with 150 horsepower and a flexible power band. You can choose from five selectable ride modes or set your own custom ride modes with specific combinations of cornering-enhanced traction control, enhanced anti-lock braking, engine braking, power delivery, and more. This motorcycle is available in one primary paint color package option, Vivid Black.

2023 Pan America™ 1250 Special

The 2023 Pan America™ 1250 Special from Harley-Davidson® takes everything offered in the standard Pan America™ 1250 and enhances it. For one thing, this model is available in six different paint color package combination options. Choose from Vivid Black, Industrial Yellow, White Sand Pearl, and various other appearance package combos. This motorcycle also has a Revolutionary Suspension with adaptive ride height as a factory-installed option to unlock more confidence. By lowering the seat height when you stop, you can maintain a constant, optimum suspension sag even when you are at speed. With adjustable preload features and continuously discerning weight inputs, you will enjoy a smoother and more adaptable ride. This motorcycle comes with a 150 horsepower 1250T Revolution® Max engine, a dual-purpose powertrain, available rider safety enhancements, mid-mount foot controls, a passenger seat, frame-mounted fairing, an upright position, and a tall off-road stance. This is the perfect option for off-road touring enthusiasts who want top-of-the-line comfort and performance.

Come Explore 2023 Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring Models at Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson®

If you want to learn more about Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring category models, our Tampa Bay area Harley-Davidson® team is here to help. Simply come visit our dealership or call to discover how we can help you find your ideal touring bike!

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