2023 Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring Category Models Explained

2023 Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring Category Models Explained

Looking for great 2023 Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring models? If so, you will be pleased to discover that there are some truly fantastic options available right now! To get the perfect Adventure Touring bike, it's important to understand the category, what’s currently available, and how these models are different from those in the Grand American Touring lineup. Here, we will discuss the latest Adventure Touring models available in the 2023 lineup from Harley-Davidson® and how they can make your off-road riding experience exceptional.

All About the Latest and Greatest Adventure Touring Models in the 2023 H-D® Lineup

Harley-Davidson® first introduced Adventure Touring category motorcycles in 2021. These motorcycles changed the way that enthusiasts were able to explore and offered the ability to head out and seek adventure where the pavement ends. With advanced suspension components, Revolution® Max powertrains, and modern features to make riding off-road easier, these tall-stance bikes offer versatility, style, and agility like nothing else.

It’s important to note that Adventure Touring models are different from Grand American Touring models. Harley-Davidson® Grand American touring bikes are perfect for long-distance highway riding applications or in-town cruising. In contrast, Adventure Touring motorcycles are designed for exploring dirt track roads, cruising over rough terrain types, or exploring the great outdoors. These motorcycles can make a highway tour into an unforgettable detour and turn anything into a road.

For 2023, you can choose between the Pan America™ 1250 or the Pan America™ 1250 Special. Both of these motorcycles have an array of great amenities. However, they each also have some distinctive differences. Now, let’s go over the features of both models so that you can more easily decide which one might be right for you.

The 2023 Pan America™ 1250

With the 2023 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250, you can now choose your own adventure with selectable and custom ride mode options. This motorcycle functions as a two-wheeled multi-tool. It was built to explore, designed for long-distance endurance, and engineered to provide enthusiasts with unstoppable adventure potential. It has a tall stance, an upright riding position, mid-mount foot controls, a passenger seat, and available rider safety enhancements. It also has premium Harley-Davidson® and Michelin Scorcher tires.

This is a versatile and comfortable off-road motorcycle. It is ideal for people who want to take detours as they tour the country with power, agility, technology, and dependability. This motorcycle comes available in a Vivid Black factory paint color package. It also has a 5.6-gallon fuel tank to take you farther than ever. With H-D® and Michelin Scorcher tires, it can meet the stringent demands of off-road riding.

The 2023 Pan America™ 1250 Special

The most advanced model among the available 2023 Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring models is the Pan America™ 1250 Special. The 2023 Pan America™n 1250 Special is ready for adventure, providing exceptional comfort and advanced performance. This is a premier bike engineered to give you everything you could ever want as you explore new places. It offers top-of-the-line agility and enhanced features combined with capability, tech, and power.

This Special model comes available in six different paint color/wheel combination options. These include Industrial Yellow, White Sand, Vivid Black, and Gray Haze factory paint colors. These color combinations can be matched with either cast wheels or laced wheels. This motorcycle also has a dual-purpose Revolution® Max 1250 dual-chassis powertrain design. With a Revolutionary Suspension and adaptive ride height options, you can unlock optimum suspension sag and superior performance.

See These 2023 Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring Models Now at Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson®

Now that you know a little bit more about Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring category models, why not come see what we have available at our dealership in the Tampa Bay area? Just call us or stop in for a visit and we will help you find your ideal ride!

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