2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Stacking Up the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Models

Have you been in search of an excellent Cruiser bike? If you have, there are a ton of amazing choices to consider. Various makers have recently released an array of impressive models in the Cruiser category. Two of these impressive newer models are the updated 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R and the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S. Which of these two motorcycles is better? Read on below to find out!

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S Specs

The updated and recently redesigned 2021 Low Rider® S from Harley-Davidson® is an impressive motorcycle in the Cruiser category. Many would argue that this is one of the best bikes released by Harley-Davidson® in the 2021 model year lineup.

This factory custom bagger is all about performance and style. It is a wonderful choice for savvy rebels who like West Coast design elements and aggressive accent features. With its bold and unapologetic performance and sport bike agility, this motorcycle can move you like never before.

The 2021 Low Rider® S is powered by a 114 Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine. This engine produces the most cubic displacement of any powertrain offered by Harley. It also runs smoothly and has tons of torque for blasting off on-demand. Hit entrance ramps with confidence and let this motorcycle turn heads as you ride by with its deep and soul-satisfying rumble.

The upright riding position of this motorcycle and mid-mounted foot controls make it easy to handle and fun to control. It also comes in two colors which are Midnight Crimson and Vivid Black. Both of these colors create a distinctive look with black powder-coated accents. We also really appreciate the bold contoured exhaust pipe design on this motorcycle.

Additionally, the 2021 Low Rider® S has a reduced rake angle. This reduced angle is 28-degrees, which is 7% less than the previous 30-degree rake found on standard Low Rider®s. With this reduced rake, you will enjoy more responsive handling. Additionally, this motorcycle has an inverted fork design with stiffness that translates to superior responsiveness and nimble steering input. The single-cartridge internal technology also keeps your front wheel planted firmly on the pavement. These features are combined with a mono-shock rear suspension that is easily adjustable for dynamic cornering and unparalleled capability.

2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Specs

The 2021 Suzuki Boulevard is a 4-stroke motorcycle with a liquid-cooled V-twin engine. This motorcycle has a compression ratio of 10.5: 1. It also has a fuel-injected system with SDTV.

This bike has a distinctive and angular headlight and nacelle that Suzuki fans will appreciate. This headlight and nacelle combine with the angular slope of the bars and paint job to make the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard look almost insect-like. With a singularly Japanese look, this bike is angular and symmetrical. It comes in red or blue paint colors.

Low Rider® S and Suzuki Boulevard Side-By-Side Comparison

The 2021 Low Rider® S has a six-speed transmission while the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard only has a five-speed transmission. Additionally, the 2021 Low Rider® S is significantly lighter than the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard. So, you will get more speed and agility with the Low Rider® S than with the Suzuki Boulevard M109R. In addition to this, the Harley Davidson Low Rider® S has an air-cooled engine while the Suzuki Boulevard M109R has a liquid-cooled engine.

From there, the 2021 Low Rider® S has better-looking color options in our opinion. Although both motorcycles come in two different paint colors, we prefer the subtle and stylish colors found on the 2021 Low Rider® S. The graphics on the Low Rider® S are also more stylized with distinctive vintage appeal. Last, the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S offers 110 cubic inches and the Suzuki M109RV has 109.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Conclusion

So which of these two bikes is better? In our opinion, the 2021 Low Rider® S is the better motorcycle. This is one of the most impressive motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson® as of late. Recently, this motorcycle has been totally updated and redesigned to add vintage swagger and dark aggressive charm. If you have been looking for a fantastic Cruiser, the 2021 Low Rider® S is an awesome choice.

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Not sure which of these two motorcycles you like best? We highly recommend taking the 2021 Low Rider® S out for a test ride. If you would like to test ride this powerful and distinctive motorcycle, simply contact one of our associates! At our Harley-Davidson® dealership, we will work hard to help you find the perfect ride.

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