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2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide®: Advanced Infotainment System for Enjoyable Lakeland Rides

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A person wearing a helmet and riding gear sits on a red Harley-Davidson CVO™ Street Glide® motorcycle on a road with a mountainous background.

Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson® - 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide®: Advanced Infotainment System for Enjoyable Lakeland Rides

The 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® stands out as an iconic touring motorcycle reimagined for modern riders. One of its most impressive features is the advanced infotainment system, designed to enhance the riding experience with cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity. Here’s a closer look at what makes the infotainment system on the 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® a standout feature.

At the core of the 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide®’s infotainment system is the Skyline™ OS. This customizable in-dash experience features three unique display options, allowing riders to tailor the interface to their preferences. The Skyline™ OS integrates navigation, media, and vehicle information, ensuring that riders have all the essential data at their fingertips without distraction.

The centerpiece of the infotainment system is the crystal-clear, 12.3-inch touch-screen color TFT display. This high-resolution display provides intuitive access to navigation, music, and other infotainment features. The touch-screen interface is designed for ease of use, even when wearing gloves, making it convenient for riders to interact with the system on the go.

The integrated navigation system is a crucial feature for long-distance touring. It offers turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and points of interest along your route. The navigation system is designed to keep riders informed and on track, whether they’re navigating city streets or exploring remote highways.

Sound quality is a significant aspect of the infotainment system, and the 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® does not disappoint. Equipped with the Rockford Fosgate® Stage II premium audio system, it features a four-channel, 500-watt RMS amplifier that powers integrated fairing and saddlebag speakers. This setup ensures crisp, clear audio, allowing riders to enjoy their favorite tunes or radio stations even at highway speeds.

The Skyline™ OS supports seamless smartphone integration, enabling riders to connect their devices via Bluetooth. This integration allows access to music libraries, phone calls, and messaging without taking their hands off the handlebars. Riders can also use voice commands to control various functions, enhancing safety and convenience.

The infotainment system also plays a role in the bike’s performance with customizable ride modes. The 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® offers three standard ride modes and two customizable modes, allowing riders to adjust performance characteristics such as power delivery, engine braking, and traction control. This integration makes sure the infotainment system enhances both entertainment and the overall riding experience.

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