2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Brandon FL

2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Overview

When Harley-Davidson® waves its design wand over a Grand American touring like the Road King®, something magical happens every time. Whether you love the bike for its long, cool chrome pipes or its thick chrome forks, it's something that captivates an onlooker even if it's perfectly parked against an urban curb. It's out on the highway, though, where the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Brandon will turn the most heads. The design of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® is stripped-down but with a highway glamour you'll instantly connect with. Full-fenders, one-tap saddlebags, and a Hiawatha headlamp are a pleasant mix of past, present, and future. Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson® recommends the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Brandon for the following thrills.


The contour of the seat design and custom stitching are just two reasons you can really sink down into the Road King® and kick up a fuss. While the riding position is upright, the seat itself always makes you feel welcome and natural as you ride. Floorboards give you the extra support and sturdiness you need to command a bike with authority. To feel at home on a bike, rider safety enhancements give your motorcycle a more intuitive ride style that quickly responds to the twists and turns of the road. Safety as much as anything else makes a rider feel comfortable.

Milwaukee-Eight® 107

Rumble up with that V-twin! H-D® is serving Brandon Tampa Lakeland Wesley Chapel bikers with a thrilling experience this year, and the Reflex Linked Brembo brakes go straight with the power you're given on this one. Straight-line braking is something that newer riders often dread, but those new riders can feel completely in control on the Road King® thanks to this feature. Designed to prevent wheel lock when you're straight-line braking, the Brembo brakes + Reflex = full control. Feel free to turn it up with no worries while you're out there blazing through life on a Road King®.

One-Touch for the Road

One-touch saddlebags aren't very often a part of even big touring bikes, but H-D® has always been at the forefront of the industry in just about everything. This is no exception. You'll find a gentle nudge from you is all you need to open those saddlebags wide and get them ready for your gear. The protective coating in the interior of the design gives you the freedom to toss things in and go with the flow.

The Character of the Road King®

Every Road King® comes with a noble disposition that cooperates with its rider. If you want something stripped-down but easy to go to work with on a long haul, the 2022 Road King® is a bike you'll want to own this year. The 111 ft-lb of torque and 32-degree lean angles mean you can crank things up to a higher performance when you need to, but you can also go away for those long highway rides, too. Whether gliding or cranking it up, the Road King® is a friendly motorcycle to own. The motorcycle is easy to tailor your own ride style to. For example, you'll find that long stretches of highway go by a lot quicker when you have a Road King® on your team. With its passenger seat, you can bring along another friend to enjoy the highway scenery, or you can ride solo on those days when you need to be alone with your own thoughts. The things that make the Road King® distinct are the same things that make its owners distinct. A sense of bold style, largess, and control are important to most Harley-Davidson® owners. There's the drive to own something beyond average, beyond "normal." Owning a Road King® means discovering a new normal, one that's grander and more stylish than the one you might have settled for in the past. The most striking design point of the bike might just be its Hiawatha headlamp, an ode to Harley-Davidson®'s past that's woven in beautifully with the other more modern touches on the bike. Much like the people who choose the Road King® this year, the bike itself is always willing to try something different while still respecting the past.

Test Ride this Bike

Get your helmet and riding boots on! The 2022 Road King® is ready to take off on a first adventure with you. To explore this motorcycle further or set up that first date with destiny, please talk to our team about the 2022 Road King®. It's available now at our dealership.

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