2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40 - Tampa FL

2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40

Harley-Davidson® can provide a unique riding experience for first-time riders and long-time enthusiasts. The 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 is in a similar class to the 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40. Both bikes offer the ideal entry point to the Cruiser family. However, choosing between these attractive cruisers can be a challenge. We at Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson® are here to provide you with an honest and informative comparison. With the facts, you can spend your time focusing on other things in life, like planning your next thrilling ride! Or, find the best accessories for the bike you love.

A Look at the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750

The 2020 Street® 750 offers an entry point to the Harley-Davidson® Cruiser family. It provides riders with a more affordable V-twin experience. Introduced in 2014, Harley-Davidson® kept the Street® 750 as part of its lineup to expand its ridership and offer a comfortable, sleek, and stylish option. Updates made in 2020 include a 749cc liquid-cooled Revolution X V-twin. This powertrain yields 43.5 lb-ft of torque and 64 HP. The design of the blacked-out, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine is a quieter ride and built to conquer hot and heavy traffic with reliability. The 6-speed transmission offers smooth shifting while commuting and maneuvering through city traffic. At an impressive estimated wet weight of 514 lbs, maneuvering this beauty is manageable, especially with its low and comfortable seat height of 25.7 inches. Due to seat height in this classy cruiser, the Street® 750 is perfect for a range of riders. Another item many consider is fuel efficiency, and at 55 mpg, this motorcycle delivers! With the Harley-Davidson® Street® 750, you can count on a smooth response when you throttle through any hole that opens up in front of you. This stunning bike is available in the following colors: Vivid Black, Performance Orange, Black Denim, Barracuda Silver Deluxe, and Vivid Black Deluxe.

The Perfect Urban Optomized Harley-Davidson® Cruiser

Those seeking an impressive and agile cruiser now have the option of purchasing an American motorcycle from Harley-Davidson®. Harley-Davidson® offered the first Street® 750 in 2014. Since then, the design has been improved to perfection! First-time riders can enjoy the reliability and peace of mind a new motorcycle provides in an attractive package. Updates in the 2020 model lineup and the eye-catching appearance of this bike make it extremely popular with a range of cruiser fans in many circles.

2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki’s entry-level cruiser line includes the 2019 Boulevard S40. The S40 offers a timeless single-cylinder design with blacked-out treatment and reliable Suzuki technology to create a bike that combines decent performance and a bold appearance. Like Harley-Davidson® and other manufacturers, Suzuki knew the value of an entry-level bike, so they designed this 5-speed commuter for those seeking to get around town in style. The S40 offers a 652cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with 37 lbs/ft of torque and 31 HP. The horsepower is perfect for first-time riders who seek predictability but may prove underwhelming for experienced individuals. The 5-speed transmission offers reliability and smooth shifting during stop-and-go traffic. The S40 weighs in at 383 lbs, making it one of the lighter bikes in its class, and the low seat height of 27.6 in makes it ideal for smaller/shorter riders. Fuel efficiency is around 50 mpg with a 2.8-gallon tank. While the riding posture is comfortable for average-to-shorter riders, the mid-mount foot controls and risers may leave taller riders feeling cramped. This stylish machine is available in two colors, Metallic Oort Gray and Metallic Triton Blue.

Final Thoughts on the Boulevard S40 VS Street® 750

There’s no doubt Suzuki has made a reliable motorcycle in the Boulevard S40. With its predictable acceleration and small size, it’s ideal for shorter, first-time riders when embarking on their maiden voyage into two-wheeled freedom. That said, the bike’s horsepower (or lack thereof) may leave the rider wanting/needing more shortly after purchase. Under-powered motorcycles may become problematic as the rider gains experience. The S40, although great for beginners, offers less for more experienced riders. As such, most prefer the power, performance, and versatility of the 2020 Street® 750. Come see it at our Tampa Bay dealership!

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